The Process


When you contact Mullane & Company, we will set an appointment to meet with you. We will walk the property,  review any existing maps and plans, discuss your needs and wishes, exchange ideas, and establish the scope of your project.

We will then write a proposal for your review. If you accept our proposal, this is when we begin to work for you. We will offer guidance and experience and translate your preferences into detailed drawings.  The process is divided into phases. Each phase concludes with your approval to proceed to the next phase.

Site analysis and program development

When you accept our proposal, we will make an inventory of site features, collect data from existing drawings, establish sun, shade and drainage patterns, and consult building code requirements. We will have all underground utilities located. We combine this data with your needs and wishes to produce a general concept and an outline of elements that will be incorporated in your finished project.

Design Development

During this phase, we produce plans and sketches, review material selections, relative costs and possible alternatives. Although final cost are not yet known, this is when budget allocations are addressed. We understand that a beautiful set of plans that will never be built is a waste of time and money. For over 30 years, more than 90% of our plans have been constructed.

Working Drawings

This is where the emphasis changes from design to construction planning. Exact layout, alignments, dimensions and drainage details are established. Landscape plant species, varieties, sizes and quantities are finalized.


The construction proposal is divided by category. We define the cost to build each aspect of your project and propose a building schedule.

With your approval of our proposal for construction, we begin to build your project. The person you have been working with during the design process is the same person responsible for the final completion of your new outdoor space. There is a level of continuity that is evident in the final product. Because the landscape architect is also the project manager, you will receive personal attention and responsive action should changes become necessary.

We are committed to your satisfaction.

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